• Brew Day

    What’s On Tap

    A Kentucky Common for the Run for the Roses, a Pre-Prohibition Pils, and an approachable IPA to represent one of the flagship styles.

  • Lager

    Kentucky Woman

    A Kentucky Common, with a deep color and spicy notes from the chocolate rye used in the grain bill. This historical brew comes from the Louisville area of the Bluegrass State.

  • Lager

    Papa’s Pre-Prohibition Pilsner

    This lager is representative of the Pilsners made in the USA before Prohibition. 6-Row barley is used in the grain bill since 6-Row was the American variety of the time. With all that protein, flaked maize is used as an adjunct to boost the fermentables. A fair amount of Cluster hops gives the bitter balance to the brew to round out the red, white, and blue experience.

  • India Pale Ale

    Shoreline IPA

    An approachable American IPA showcasing New World hop varieties. The balance is hop forward, with a clean fermentation profile, dry finish, and a mild supporting malt character allowing the Cascade hops to shine through.

  • Ale

    Conditioning – Tripel Goedt

    A 400 year old recipe using Pilsner malt, raw wheat, and Spelt malt. Noble  Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops are used, and a Belgian Abbey strain of yeast give this Trappist Ale quite the traditional aroma and flavor. Steady as she goes, though, as it is 7.0% ABV.