• Brew Day

    What’s On Tap

    A Blonde Ale with a nice citrusy hop aroma, a Kellerbier for the working folk, and an approachable IPA to represent one of the flagship styles.

  • India Pale Ale

    Shoreline IPA

    An approachable American IPA showcasing New World hop varieties. The balance is hop forward, with a clean fermentation profile, dry finish, and a mild supporting malt character allowing the Cascade hops to shine through.

  • Lager

    Knee Jerk Kellerbier

    This lager is brewed like other German lagers, but enjoyed a lot earlier than most other lagers. Malt forward, medium hopped, with slight notes of DMS since it is so young. Used to be made for the hired help and the family, and poured straight from the lagering tanks.

  • Ale

    Dyed Roots Blonde Ale

    An easy drinking, malt oriented ale. A well balanced, clean, and refreshing pint. Ours is augmented by dry hopping with Citra hops to lend a nice citrus aroma and finish.

  • Lager

    Fermenting – Kentucky Woman

    A Kentucky Common, with a deep color and spicy notes from the chocolate rye used in the grain bill. This historical brew comes from the Louisville area of the Bluegrass State.