• Brew Day

    What’s On Tap

    Winter is here, but the days are getting longer. Spring is around the corner. Have an Altbier or a California Common for the winter side, but dive into a Saison in a nod to the upcoming spring.

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    Bauernhaus Saison

    A farmhouse saison to wash away the thirst caused by Spring cleaning. A Belgian delight made with Pilsner malt and spelt. Very refreshing.

  • Ale

    Otto’s Altbier

    A nice German ale from those madcaps in Dusseldorf. A malty backbone with enough of a hop finish to clear the palate and set your mouth up for the next sip. Prost.

  • Lager

    Left Coast Common

    Rest in peace, Anchor Steam. This California Common is an homage to a San Francisco original. Cheers.