• Brew Day

    What’s On Tap

    There is quite a cross-section of styles at present, with an English Bitter, a Düsseldorf Alt Bier, and an Abbey Ale. Just pick your mood, and enjoy.

  • Ale

    Buckminster ESB

    This English Bitter is brewed in the Fuller’s style. Evident malt and hop flavor, with a bit more alcohol than a standard English Bitter. Low carbonation makes this ESB a drinkable style. Have two!

  • Lager

    Otto’s Alt Bier

    The folks in Düsseldorf didn’t fall for that pale lager fad that started back in 1840. Instead they stuck with the tried and true top fermenting yeast and brown color, and added some noble hops and lagering. The result is a smooth beer that really sticks to tradition. Prost.

  • Ale

    Triple Goedt

    A 400 year old recipe using Pilsner malt, raw wheat, and Spelt malt. Noble  Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops are used, and a Belgian Abbey strain of yeast give this Trappist Ale quite the traditional aroma and flavor. Steady as she goes, though, as it is 7.0% ABV.

  • Lager

    Fermenting – Union Export

    A Dortmunder Export style Helles lager is slowly bubbling away. Pilsner, Vienna, Munich, and a touch of Victory malt are in the grain bill. The noble Hallertau Mittelfrüh is the traditional hop of choice. You may have to be patient, as ample lagering does a world of good with this one. Stand by…